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Welcome to Triple P Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph.   Through Triple P, parents and professionals can learn skills and strategies that help them to feel supported, and make parenting fun! Raising children can be one of the hardest, and yet most important jobs that there is. 


We all know that children don't come with an instruction manual, and what may have worked for one child may not work for another.  Triple P provides a variety of
strategies which are designed to reduce the 'guess factor' of parenting, and provide proven methods that support your child's social, emotional and behavioural development. 

Perhaps you don’t have a specific challenge in parenting, but are interested in easy to understand information and tips on parenting in general, and what to expect at your child's stage of development.  Triple P can help here too.

Triple P has over 30 years of proven clinical research which supports its' success, and is currently offered in 26 countries world wide.  We are both excited and proud  to be providing families and caregivers in Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph the opportunity to access Triple P supports free of charge.

Triple P in Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph, because small changes can make a BIG difference!

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